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Hartlepool Radiator Company have built up a reputation based on our quality of work and our highly professional service. From our purpose built workshop in Hartlepool we offer a pick up and delivery service anywhere in the North East for our revolutionary Fuel Tank Renu service and provide a local base from which we service and maintain a variety of heat exchange units, fuel tanks and vehicle radiators for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and also vehicle air conditioning units.

All of us, from our office staff to our drivers to our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians know just how important it is for your vehicle to operate correctly and efficiently. We take that obligation very seriously. After all, you are depending on us to help you reach your destination.

We understand that if you have a problem. you need it solving fast. Our flexibility will solve your problem fast.



For over ten years we have been at the forefront of the latest technological innovations (many developed by ourselves) enabling us to offer the best possible service to our customers. This, coupled with our experienced and knowledgeable staff means that Hartlepool Radiator Company is rarely beaten on price. In fact we are rarely beaten at all.

Starting as a Radiator company, we listened to the needs of our customers, and widened our services accordingly. Now we are one of the country’s leading heat maintenance specialists.

We are a full service cooling system repair facility, and have the specialised equipment and technicians to repair industrial and agricultural equipment, including the larger specialised cooling components. We are able to repair the ever increasing number of plastic radiators now in use. We stock a full line of new radiators and cooling system components, and an inventory of high quality new fuel tanks made of both metal and plastic.

Our continuing research and development has allowed the company to find further uses for the Renu process with engine sumps and our metal fabrication skills have been refined to allow our motorcycle clients to enlarge their tanks whilst having them ‘renu-ed’ and increasing the range of their machines at the same time.

Quality Nationwide Service

As the leading nationwide FUEL TANK RENU dealer in the UK, we can provide fuel tank restoration and repair for cars, trucks, RV’s – actually on almost any fuel tank. The process is also used for various industrial purposes. This specialised procedure carries a three-year warranty on most applications, and far exceeds most commonly used liners or “treatments”.

As well as offering new fuel tanks and our Renu service to refurbish tanks that cannot be replaced we also offer a fitting service to customers who are able to visit our workshops. Our trained staff are able to fit a new fuel tank to your vehicle, at a small extra cost, so that you can be assured that your vehicle’s fuel system is operating properly as you drive away.

Our own vehicles can also pick up and deliver your jobs at no additional charge within the Teesside area. When you call THE HARTLEPOOL RADIATOR COMPANY, you are always assured of professional attention.

Why not consider THE HARTLEPOOL RADIATOR COMPANY for all of your fuel tank, radiator and air conditioning needs. Please contact us to discuss any of your particular requirements. We want your business and pledge our full resources to giving you the kind of service you deserve and expect.