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Vintage Tanks

Hartlepool Radiator Company are experts in the repair and restoration of fuel tanks.

We can repair all kinds of tanks in our North East workshop including plastic, steel and aluminum. Small leaks and holes can be repaired by solder or welding. Larger damage or leaks may require a new section of material welding to the tank; our skilled team can carry out the work that the job requires.

Fuel tanks usually suffer from a lot of wear and tear, which will often lead to corrosion and rust. For rusted and corroded fuel tanks that are seemingly past repair we have a process called Renu. It is also a good option as a preventive measure, so your tank is well protected and will not leak in the future.

Fuel Tank Renu is a proven and patented process for which we hold the licence in the UK. It is often more cost effective than purchasing a new tank and with many vintage tanks no longer manufactured it is a way to keep your car on the road, whilst keeping the parts original. It means that you will not have to look for a dealer to purchase a new one, and yours will be in a better condition after anyway.

The process is a unique one, using chemical bonding. It coats both the inside and the outside of the tank with a double layer of protection which is incredibly tough and durable. This chemical bonding seals your tank from rust and corrosion.

The Process:

The tank is de-fumed before it is blasted back to bare metal, inside and out (holes will be cut to gain access). A liquid rubber is applied to the inside and outside of the tank. The tank is then baked in an industrial oven to cure the coating. The end result is a steel tank that is protected inside and out with a durable rubberised coating. Please note the tank will have a rubberised appearance. For vintage tanks the coating would only be applied internally, we can paint or prime the outside according to customer spec.

The Fuel Tank Renu process is compatible with water, diesel, petrol, methanol, alcohol and high octane. This is reassuring with the increasing levels of ethanol in fuel. It has been well tested and is a safe process to use.

We are aware of the value of your vehicle and the parts that it is made up of and we guarantee that the utmost care will be taken with them. We have vast experience with rare and irreplaceable tanks. Our most recent vintage tank refurbishments include a 1924 American LaFrance Fire Engine which we restored for a well-known film studio, some WW2 Daimler tanks, a 1934 Standard 9 and lots of Jensen Interceptor tanks.

Our expertise, coupled with the limited three-year warranty, makes Hartlepool Radiator Co the best choice when repairs are necessary to your valuable vintage fuel tank.


The photographs illustrate just how well we take care of your vintage vehicle’s irreplaceable parts. This is how the tank looked when it was returned to its delighted owner, complete with the usual limited three-year warranty. Another successful restoration by the team at Hartlepool Radiator Co.

We have also used our process on engine sumps from all types of vehicles, with impressive results. If your engine sump is leaking this could save you the cost of a new one. We can do many engine sumps within a 24 hour service, useful when our customers need to get their vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Please contact us on 01429 236300 for more information and prices where our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions.