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Welcome to the UK's biggest fuel tank and radiator repair website

Our experienced and energetic team have loved the challenges over the last 35 years and have never failed to repair to the highest standards we have come to expect.

No matter what type of fuel tank repair or fuel tank restoration you have our team are vastly experienced in all types of repairs including classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and plant, as well as specialised performance vehicles and motorcycles.

All of us, from our office staff to our drivers to our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians know just how important it is for your vehicle to operate correctly and efficiently. We take that obligation very seriously. After all, you are depending on us to help you reach your destination.

We understand that if you have a problem. you need it solving fast. Our flexibility will solve your problem fast.


Motor Cycles

Fuel Tank Repair Company can also provide a complete motor cycle tank restoration service for all makes and models using the unique Fuel Tank Renu process.
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Fuel Tanks Repairs

Your fuel tank can be punctured, scraped, or damaged, causing rust and corrosion. But replacing it with a new factory supplied tank can be expensive, and time consuming.
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Vintage Tanks

As the owner of a vintage vehicle, who would you trust when it comes to arranging repairs to what are possibly irreplaceable parts?
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