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In addition to the fuel tank being punctured, scraped, or damaged this can also happen to probably the most exposed part of your engine, the oil sump. In the same way that a replacement fuel tank can be expensive, a damaged sump can prove just as costly. Even more so if it belongs to a beloved vintage vehicle.

This is where the “Renu” process provides another easy solution. We’ll repair your damaged sump with our patented, proven process; a fast, economical alternative to replacement. Our process is an excellent way to repair virtually any sump.

Hartlepool Radiators have put the Renu process through extensive testing on engine sumps and have produced results as great as those we’d expect from a repaired fuel tank.


Our unique, chemical bonding repair process gives your sump a tough, durable layer of protection. “Renu” coats the outside of the sump, sealing it from rust and corrosion. The process offers a double protection for your engine sump as each sump repaired is coated not once but twice with the patented Renu coatings.

This means your repaired sump is even more durable than in its original condition. Clearly an effective way to retain the value and prestige of your vehicle.

We are so sure of our process, that we offer a limited three-year warranty on every passenger car or light truck sump repaired, and one year on all other sumps, just as we do for our fuel tank repairs.

Please contact us on 01429 236300 with any requirements where our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions.