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Fuel Tank Expansion

We can also increase the range of your machine with a simple but effective modification to your tank by our fabrication team, which you can see from the photos.

We are able to add height and/or length to almost any tank.


The Process:

The tank will go into our oven and bake until ALL fumes are completely eliminated and the tank will be safe to process.

The inside and the outside will be thoroughly blasted to remove all paint, rust body filler, etc. as nothing sticks to rust, not even Renu.

We then structure the new shape. Once we are satisfied with the new size we carry out the necessary repairs and weld the tank back together. All welds will be ground down.

A thicker Renu product is brushed on welds and pinholes and feathered out to ensure an even finish. It is then baked in our oven to harden.

Once cooled, the holes are taped and the tank is filled with our red Renu interior product and rolled to ensure a good even coating inside the tank. The excess is poured out and the tank is baked to set the interior coating.

After cooling, the bottom half of the tank will be coated with the black Renu exterior product and baked a third time. This completes the Renu process and means that your tank will not rust inside.

When the tank is cool it is tested and two coats of primer will be applied to the top half. It is then returned to the customer primed and ready for painting.

Please contact us on 01429 236300 with your requirements where our skilled fabrication team will be happy to answer any questions.