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Vintage Tanks

As the owner of a vintage vehicle, who would you trust when it comes to arranging repairs to what are possibly irreplaceable parts?
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Fuel Tank Expansion

We can also increase the range of your machine with a simple but effective modification to your tank by our fabrication team...
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Plastic Welding

Using the latest plastic welding equipment we can repair most types of plastic fuel tanks, polyethylene diesel and oil tanks. Splits, cracks, holes and punctures are plated and sealed.
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Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is an important part of the Renu process and our work here at Hartlepool Radiators.
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At Hartlepool Radiators we have over thirty years experience in Plant and Heavy Duty, Commercial, Agricultural and Automotive Cooling.
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Industial Services

Hartlepool Radiator Company can maintain all types of heat exchange and cooling equipment which works with your machinery.
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In addition to a fuel tank being punctured, scraped, or damaged this can also happen to probably the most exposed part of your engine, the oil sump.
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DPF Filters

Diesel cars manufactured after 2009 are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which are designed to reduce the output of soot the exhaust creates by acting as a trap.
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